June 6, 2008

Cooler Heads

I've been getting the Cooler Heads Digest by email for a couple months now, and always seem to find articles on climate and warming issues that I would have otherwise missed. Cooler Heads is a publication of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and you can sign up for the free email newsletter here

A couple of gems from this week's issue:

A longish essay by Ray Evans from the new issue of The Quadrant from Australia called "The Chilling Costs of Climate Catastrophism". Evans concerns himself with the issue as it relates to Australia of course, but the dangers of government trashing our economy with no resulting effect on climate are just as real here as they are down under. And the clever use of language by the anti-capitalists masquerading as environmentalists is similar wherever you go.

See also Ben Lieberman's piece for NRO, "Hot Air", in which he busts five myths about the Lieberman-Warner climate legislation. No relation, apparently.

Senator Inhofe and the Wall Street Journal also have op-eds this week on the Lieberman-Warner bill that are worth taking in.

And George Will pulls no punches in describing how cap and trade legislation is a lobbyist's dream, and a massive expansion of government power.

Posted by dan at June 6, 2008 8:56 PM