June 7, 2008

Random Browsing

Don't miss Bruce Bawer's Pajamas Media piece on Vaclav Havel.

I knew a little about ACORN, and how the group was busted for election chicanery in 2004, but before reading Stanley Kurtz' article on the group, I had no grasp of their far-left radical ideology, nor of their very close association with Barack Obama.

John McWhorter says the nomination of Obama demonstrates "Racism in Retreat" in America.

Obama's troublesome and inconsistent foreign policy positions continue to be fodder for some excellent commentary and analysis. Start with Peter Wehner, then see Power Line, Pete Hegseth, and Matthew Continetti. And it's a couple days old, but see also Jennifer Rubin.

There's a long first-person narrative by John McCain of his capture and imprisonment in Vietnam, that is being re-issued at U.S. News after having first appeared in the magazine in 1973. It grabs your attention right out of the gate.

Posted by dan at June 7, 2008 12:52 AM