May 28, 2007

N. Korea's Non-Compliance Works

At FPM , Gordon Cucullu and Joshua Stanton consider the sanity of another agreement with North Korea.

...can anyone name the last – or first – time North Korea abided by any agreement to stop any aggressive actions, including WMD research, killing, counterfeiting, kidnapping, abducting, or threatening someone?


We should not be surprised that North Korea historically does not keep its word. We should be surprised that so many intelligent people expected anything else. If the definition of repeating the same activity and expecting a different result is “insanity,” then the Bush Administration and all the pundits who support this new agreement are candidates for psychotherapy.


Predictably, more than a month has passed since North Korea reneged on every promise it made in the February 13th denuclearization agreement: to shut down the Yongbyon reactor; to invite U.N. inspectors back in; to “discuss” the full range of its nuclear programs; and to appear for another session of six-party talks. And yet wounded souls on the editorial pages of the Washington Post and the New York Times that for years advocated the same capitulation the Bush Administration inexplicably offered three months ago, now ask with breaking voices, why do they cheat us?

Why would they possibly be motivated to do otherwise? North Korea cheats us because it works! The North Koreans see negotiations with us as simply war by other means, and we always let them win.


Gordon G. Chang at Contentions

Contentions: Report - "North Korea Provocative Actions 19050-2007"

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