May 29, 2007

Tribe Cool, Sox Hot, Yanks Toast

The Red Sox have cooled off the Indians road trip with consecutive wins at Fenway behind their aces Schilling and Beckett. As much as the two Boston starters dominated Cleveland, the Tribe was in both games down to the last out. It's too bad we had to play this series without either of our two best starters (Sabathia and Carmona) while facing Boston's top three, Matsuzaka starting the finale tomorrow.

Then you consider that Boston rested Ortiz for both games. Then you consider that they have Papelbon and the Indians don't. It's pretty clear that Boston is a couple notches above anybody else in the American League.

Oh yeah, and the Yankees went down once again tonight. Tough break.

They're toast, by the way. They'll never climb back into the race when they're trotting out starting pitchers who are either rookies or 40-year olds in half their games. The bullpen is a mess, and Rivera has finally proven mortal.

It would be a fairly conservative estimate to say that the Indians and the Tigers should each win 90 games. That means the Yankees would have to go 69-43 from here on to match that 90 wins and get the wildcard playoff berth. What indication have they given anyone this season that they are capable of doing that? I'll start worrying when they've climbed over the Orioles and the Blue Jays.

Not happenin'.

UPDATE 5/30: The good guys salvage one.

Posted by dan at May 29, 2007 11:09 PM