May 28, 2007

Making Omelette

Gateway Pundit has news, photos and links on the strong-arm tactics employed by the Chavez government on protesters in Venezuela here and here. Chavez has shut down the opposition TV station Radio Caracas TV (RCTV), and has brought in tanks, tear gas and water cannon to intimidate the demonstrators. Tom Blumer at Bizzy Blog searches for mainstream news coverage of the use of tanks, which gradually emerges, following the lead of the blogosphere. Now it turns out the hardware was for more than intimidation.

It was inevitable, and thus predictable. And it has gotten ugly.

(El Pais via GP)

Publius Pundit on the censorship that started it, and the outcry from journalists and major newspapers left and right, who have denounced Chavez' censorship:

Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez put a stop to free speech today by pulling the license of RCTV, the one TV station that has gone out of its way to oppose him, to blast his incompetence, to slam his theft of property, to warn he's running the country into the ground. They made no secret of opposing his power. Today the dictator ever so procedurally refused to renew the 53-year license of Radio Caracas Television, not because there's a public interest in seeing this station disappear, but because his own whim said so. When you are unable to distinguish yourself from the state, it gets easy.


RCTV is the most popular station in Venezuela, loved by both Chavistas in the slums and middle class people in neighborhoods like Altamira. In fact, it's the equivalent of ABC or CBS. It's a huge popular station that's done the moon landing, done the coups, done Nixon's visit where he was mobbed, done the Vargas floods, done plane crashes, oil strikes and beauty pageants. It's the universal community of television. Again, now gone black.

Read his whole post. And here's an update from Publius, All Hell Breaks Loose in Caracas

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