March 28, 2004

"I Hate Losing" - LeBron

I've done very little bandwagon-jumping on the LeBron James Express here at Wizblog. So let this be an exception. The Kid tonight became the youngest player in NBA history to score 40 points. He threw in a career high 41, along with a career high 13 assists. Based on everything I've read, the voting for NBA Rookie of the Year is a mere formality.

He has been as billed. A rare talent. Humble, charismatic, well schooled in Media 101, a model teammate. Respectful of officials, coaches and fans. Appreciative of his immense good fortune and now, great wealth. No fan can be disappointed. And that says a lot, given the sky-high expectations. Cleveland sports fans are pinching themselves.

Posted by dan at March 28, 2004 12:00 AM