March 27, 2004

Rodg, Jerry Parks, and AEP

Rodger Schultz and I both archive old Ambrose Evans-Pritchard articles from the 90's, when AEP covered the White House for The Telegraph. I reread the piece Rodger posted today, and got to thinking how important it is to remember what the Clinton years were like. They brought the Dixie Mob culture right along with them from Arkansas. The fact is that the Clintons surrounded themselves with people who used murder as a poltical tool. Say what you will about conspiracy "theory". Real people died real deaths around these people. Witness the Jerry Parks murder, among many others. From the Parks murder story by Pritchard....

It was a contract job, Gary believed, but he did not know who was paying for the product. Some of the material was kept in two files, stored in the bottom drawer of the dresser in his parents' bedroom. He had sneaked in one day, terrified that his father might catch him, and flicked through the papers just long enough to see photos of women coming and going with Governor Clinton, and pages of notes in his father's handwriting. In one of the photos Clinton was with Captain Raymond "Buddy" Young of the State Police.

In late July 1993 the family house on Barrett Road was burgled in a sophisticated operation that involved cutting the telephone lines and disarming the electronic alarm system. The files were stolen. Gary suspected that this was somehow tied to his father's death two months later.

" I believe that Bill Clinton had my father killed to protect his political career," he told me that evening. "We're dealing with a secretive machine here in Arkansas that can shut anyone up in a moment."

I recalled that the Parks murder was mentioned in my personal favorite Evans-Pritchard piece, "Goodbye, Good Riddance", his farewell address to America in 1997. An excerpt from that one, which I hereby resolve to drag out annually at minimum...

The Clintons look good from a distance. As Yale Law School graduates they have mastered the language and style of the mandarin class. It is only when you walk through the looking glass into the Arkansas underworld they came from that you begin to realise something is horribly wrong.

You learn that Bill Clinton grew up in the Dixie mafia stronghold of Hot Springs, and that his brother, Roger, was a convicted drug dealer who was once taped during under-cover surveillance saying "got to get some for my brother, he's got a nose like a vacuum cleaner". You learn about sworn testimony that links Clinton to cocaine smuggling in the early 1980s. You learn that Clinton's chief of security in Little Rock was gunned down in 1993 by assassins who seem to be enjoying immunity...

...Bill Clinton is not the first president with the skeletons of the mob in his closet. Harry Truman, for instance, was a protege of the Pendergast crime machine in Kansas City. All you have to know about Bill Clinton is that he chose Patsy Thomasson - top lieutenant of convicted cocaine dealer Dan Lasater - to be his White House chief of personnel.

Remember how much "seeming to enjoy immunity" was going on back in those years? Pritchard knew that it was the corruption of the FBI that was the most threatening to liberty. Of the botched, corrupted and ongoing investigation of the OKC bombing, he speaks here of Carol Howe, an undercover ATF agent, and suggests that the FBI may be beyond saving:

The FBI claims that she was dropped as an informant months before the bombing, but debriefing reports show the Bureau continued to receive her intelligence weeks after the blast. They also show that she named members of a neo-Nazi terrorist cell who had cased the Oklahoma federal building in December 1994 with the intention of bombing it. Yet the FBI did not follow up her reports. It conducted 26,000 witness interviews, most of them irrelevant, but could not find time to pursue the suspects who were specifically named by a paid informant.

This leaves the nasty suspicion that the FBI is shielding this neo-Nazi group in order to cover its own tracks. If it turns out that the bombing was a bungled sting operation by the FBI, as some of the victims are now alleging, the only fit response is to send bulldozers down Pennsylvania Avenue to flatten the Hoover Building once and for all.

A monument should be raised on the rubble of the FBI headquarters that reads Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? (Who Shall Guard the Guards?) as a warning to free-born Americans of the next millennium.

Read all of the AEP piece, or save it if you don't have time now. Classic.

I tried last fall to imagine how the left might treat some Clintonesque scandals today. Because the Bush people have only come up with smalltime stuff compared to the really Big Lies.

UPDATE 3/30: A new article from the L.A. Weekly dealing with the evidence that McVeigh and Nichols had Middle Eastern accomplices in the OKC bombing, and the FBI's refusal to acknowledge it. The criminals in the OKC case include those who corrupted the investigation.

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