March 28, 2004

Doing The Holocaust Shrug

This wonderful piece by David Gelernter in The Weekly Standard goes beyond affirming that the toppling of Saddam was manifestly a good thing. He suggests that the world's indifference to the crimes of Saddam resembles its indifference to Hitler's, while admitting that they're not in the same league:

By overthrowing Saddam, we stopped a loathsome bloody massacre--a hell-on-earth that would have been all too easily dismissed as fantastic propaganda if we hadn't seen and heard the victims and watched the torturers on videotape. Now: There is all sorts of latitude for legitimate attack on the Bush administration and Iraq. A Bush critic could allege that our preparation was lousy, our strategy wrong, our postwar administration a failure, and so on ad infinitum . . . so long as he stays in ground-contact with the basic truth: This war was an unmitigated triumph for humanity. Everything we have learned since the end of full-scale fighting has only made it seem more of a triumph.
Posted by dan at March 28, 2004 1:13 AM