July 7, 2008

C.C. Ya

The Indians pull the trigger on the rumored C.C. Sabathia deal with Milwaukee, and the key player they get in return is Matt LaPorta, an outfielder who may end up as a 1B-DH, a commodity not exactly in short supply on this team already. Dennis Nosco has a thorough evaluation of who got what over at TCF, and Paul Cousineau profiles LaPorta.

One thing seems pretty clear. The Indians got nothing that will make them a better team in 2009. (That assumes that if LaPorta is in Cleveland, he'll be a raw rookie with no experience above AA ball.)

UPDATE 7/7: Tribe minor league guru Tony Lastoria called some of his Milwaukee counterparts, and got a scouting report on the four new Indians. Tony adds his own assessment, and by week's end will likely have seen LaPorta and Bryson play in person, and will have spoken to them both.

You may note no links to the area's two major newspaper web sites. Isn't it obvious why not?

And while I'm shilling for The Cleveland Fan, I'll link to my own latest column, on the 2008 Buckeyes quarterbacks, which went up over the weekend.

Posted by dan at July 7, 2008 9:40 AM