November 13, 2007

PC Rot

Stuart Taylor of National Journal laments the pervasive rot of political correctness on our country's college campuses. Taylor establishes his liberal bona fides ("I have never been conservative enough to vote for a Republican presidential nominee") before filleting the loony leftist forces behind programs like the University of Delaware's "diversity facilitation training."

This and dozens of other cases suggest to me that the cancerous spread of ideologically eccentric, intellectually shoddy, phony-diversity-obsessed fanaticism among university faculties and administrators is far, far worse and more inexorable than most alumni, parents, and trustees suspect.

He moves from UD to Duke, and the Gang of 88, a group on which he is something of an expert.

If Taylor's column has permalinks, they are invisible to me, so this piece will only be there until his next column is posted.

Posted by dan at November 13, 2007 1:33 AM