November 13, 2007

Less and Less of AQ in Iraq

Bill Roggio's Long War Journal has more on tracking down the remaining operatives of al Qaeda in Iraq.

It is visuals like the graphic in Bill's post (as well as items like this and this, both via pw), that mock the contention of some of my leftist correspondents that "there is no movement" which might justifiably be called Islamofascism, because the radicalized Muslims are so diffuse and factioned - geographically, ethnically, racially, theologically - that their organization into any kind of coherent force to threaten the West is a paranoid delusion of the right, a couple of skyscrapers notwithstanding.

Were we more sensitive to these nuances, and less prone to the "lumping together" of all Muslims drawn to jihad, say the deniers, we could....either a) sleep better at night because there is no cause for concern...or b) set about to modify our domestic and foreign policies so as not to "create terrorists", who by the way, are no threat to us. Coherence is optional with these guys.

UPDATE 11/13: Goldstein, speaking of...

...Nonie Darwish’s extraordinary speech delivered at the YAF conference, in which Ms Darwish’s exasperation with the left elitist in this country was uncomfortably palpable. The real liberals — the moderate Muslims speaking out, at great personal risk, for the necessity of Islamic reform — are being demonized as inauthentic troublemakers by a left so enamored with multiculturalist dogma and a self-serving and self-aggrandizing consideration of their own capacity for “tolerance,” that the greatest enemy, in Darwish’s view, in the global war on terror, are those who, through their blindness (and as a tribute to their own egos), are allowing Islamism to further entrench itself inside the United States.

Islamofascism, as Darwish pointed out, was a phrase coined not by Andrew Sullivan, but rather by Muslim reformers, who in turn were simply describing, with a clear fidelity, the description of the movement introduced by its adherents, who considered the fascist component a feature.

Posted by dan at November 13, 2007 11:23 PM