May 7, 2007

Whither The Feminists?

Back once again to a piece by Caroline Glick in the Jerusalem Post, in which she throws out a challenge to the West :

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is arguably the bravest and most remarkable woman of our times.

To understand why this 37-year-old woman is extraordinary, she must be assessed in the context of the forces pitted against her in her twin struggles to force the Western world to take note of Islam's divinely ordained enslavement of women, and to force the Islamic world to account for it.


In her life and work, Hirsi Ali personifies the central challenges of our times. She holds a mirror up to the Islamic world and demands that it contend with the evil it propagates in the name of divinity.

She holds a mirror up to the Free World and demands that we defend our freedom against the onslaught of moral relativism and cultural decline.

So too, she demands our compassion for the women of Islam. She says we must see the suffering beneath the veil and work to alleviate it.... [W]e must .... challenge veiled women to explain why they ascribe to a faith that gives men the divine right to beat and rape women; or simply hold Muslim communities in the West to the standards of freedom on which our civilization is based, the West must help these women free themselves from oppression.

Sadly, organized feminism in the U.S. is hesitant to champion this brave woman and her cause, self-censoring instead in the name of multiculturalism and nonjudgmentalism, the ideals they apparently value above freedom and equality for all women.

UPDATE 5/7: Via PJM, it appears Hirsi Ali has an ally in Nicolas Sarkozy:

I respect all cultures throughout the world, but so that it is quite clear: if I am elected President of the Republic, I will not accept women being treated as inferior to men. The French Republic holds these values: respect for women, equality between men and women. Nobody has the right to hold a prisoner, even within his own family. I say it clearly, that polygamy is prohibited in the territory of the French Republic. I will fight against female genital mutilation and those who do not wish to understand that the values of the French Republic include freedom for women, the dignity of women, respect for women—they do not have any reason to be in France.

If our laws are not respected and if one does not wish to understand our values, if one does not wish to learn French, then one does not have any reason to be on French territory.

UPDATE 5/10: Dr. Sanity on the Sarkozy speech:

How terribly embarassing for the left, to have Sarkozy take the lead in championing women's rights! How humiliating it must be to cede precious moral highground and the overweening sense of moral righteousness that makes them so superior. And by someone on the political right, no less!!

Possibly it may make them realize that their pretensions of moral superiority are nothing but a sham to cover up the fact that they actually stand for nothing...

...Instead of prancing about and prattling on about the "evils" of Republicans and conservatives; instead of putting on their keffiahs to show their solidarity with the women-oppressing, homophobic Palestinians; they could actually focus on the most significant abusers of women and girls (not to mention gays) of our time.

Forgive me, but anyone who really thinks that American women are "oppressed" are living in a fantasy world created and marketed by your local marxist grocer. I'm sure their fantasy makes them feel good about themselves and their brave little hissy fits; but while they are busy patting themselves on the back for standing up to a kitten, a lion is about to eat them.

Posted by dan at May 7, 2007 8:33 PM