May 7, 2007

Lileks Strib Gig Ending

Go to Hugh Hewitt for the story and lots of blogosphere reaction to the decision by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune to terminate the regular column by James Lileks.

I don't usually read his Strib column, but I'm a Bleat regular and have long admired Lileks' work. He's being reassigned to do straight news reporting, so it's not like he's being fired, but it is like he's being dissed so he'll resign of his own volition. When companies that are losing money reorganize and/or downsize, bad things happen to good people, but typically they start with the "dead wood" in the organization, not guys with the talent of James Lileks. My take from afar has been that the Star-Tribune is a badly-run newspaper. This is more proof. Just dumb.

Dave Barry's take:

James Lileks, a terrific writer and one of the best newspaper columnists in America, says on his blog today that his newspaper, the Minneapolis-St.Paul Star-Tribune, has decided to kill his column and have him write straight local news stories. This is like the Miami Heat deciding to relieve Dwyane Wade of his basketball-playing obligations so he can keep stats.

Sometimes I don't understand the newspaper business. What's left of it.

Hugh has an off-the-cuff list of possible landing spots for Lileks at the above link, plus the contact information for the Star-Tribune management team here.

Posted by dan at May 7, 2007 6:55 PM