March 27, 2007

Sporty Links

-- The Feds are trying to nail Barry Bonds, and the man who could help them do it is sitting in prison with his mouth tightly shut. I guess it's loyalty, but in so many ways, Bonds doesn't seem to have earned much of that. Interesting article on trainer Greg Anderson at

-- Terry Pluto's newsletter this week is of particular interest to Tribe fans over 40...or is it 50? The man who wrote "The Curse of Rocky Colavito" shares some memories of the thirty or so years of bad baseball we endured in Cleveland before the 90's turnaround. And today's Pluto column in the ABJ is also must-reading for Tribe fans

I still have some overdue eating of crow to do for last year's overly rosy Tribe outlook, and I hope to get to that, and some 2007 thoughts before Opening Day. But for now, at least some people really like the 2007 Indians.

-- Lots of notes and quotes from Thad Matta's streaking Buckeyes in the - Final Four Notebook

-- And the Spring depth chart is out for the football Buckeyes, who will field a team this year despite the Debacle in the Desert. Spring Game is on April 21. OSU is inexperienced at QB, and absolutely loaded everywhere else...with only three seniors starting. Again from the new Bucknuts, 2007 Ohio State Spring Football Data

Posted by dan at March 27, 2007 11:01 PM