March 27, 2007


A Hollywood conservative speaks at Heritage Foundation, and to the world via YouTube, and after watching it (47 min.) my overriding thought is of the amazing potential of this medium to communicate political thought.

Evan Sayet's talk is a rebuke of the moral relativism and nihilism that infects modern leftist thinking. Sayet is prone to sweeping generalization, and I have a few other quibbles with him (he says Saddam Hussein was a "theocrat" for one), but his premise that leftists have come to condemn all discrimination, not just the illegal and destructive forms of it, but the necessary, productive and progressive forms of it as well, is persuasive. One of the best critiques of the leftist utopian impulse that I have seen in a while.

(via Rodger)

Posted by dan at March 27, 2007 10:14 PM