July 6, 2006

A Look Inside North Korea

With the world's powers scrambling to formulate a united diplomatic response to the recent provocations of Kim Jong Il, the WSJ's Brendan Miniter provides some links to informative web resources on North Korea.

Dean Esmay has additional links, including one to hrnk.org, where this report on North Korea's "Hidden Gulag" will chill you to the bone. (via PJM)

For starters, LiNK looks like an organization worthy of support.


FPM - North Korea's Criminal Empire (Sept. 2005)

Christopher Hitchens - Worse Than 1984 - North Korea: Slave State (May 2005)

Nicholas Kristof - Reviews in the NYRB (Feb. 2005)

Wizblog - Inside Kimland (July 2004)

Sunday Times - Chairman Kim's Dissolving Kingdom (Jan. 2005)

Claudia Rosett - Resist Ballistic Blackmail

Posted by dan at July 6, 2006 9:37 PM