July 4, 2006


Thomas Sowell - Is Patriotism Obsolete?

There's a joke in here somewhere about Sowell pulling no punches, but I'm above that...(ellipsis mine)

Americans may in fact be dying literally now because of what the terrorists have been told -- and ultimately because a jerk inherited the New York Times....

... New York Times has spread the secret of American financial surveillance of terrorists around the world, undermining or destroying this method of tracking them, as well as undermining the cooperation that can be expected in the future from countries fearful of political or terrorist repercussions.

Patriotism is not chic in the circles of those who assume the role of citizens of the world, whether they are discussing immigration or giving aid and comfort to the enemy in wartime.(via RCP)

Townhall has a new look, and is leading with Bruce Bartlett's piece on why the Times deserves no slack.

Posted by dan at July 4, 2006 9:51 PM