June 29, 2006

Baby Please Don't Go

In an interview with the WSJ's Robert Pollock, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari makes some remarkable statements about the current mood of the people in Iraq. With the new government in place, the Iraqis are now in position to formally ask the U.S. military to leave their country, if that is what they feel would be the best course.

What about the war debate here in the U.S., I ask him. Are Iraqis worried that U.S. troops will leave too soon? Does the Iraqi press pay attention when people like Congressman Jack Murtha call for troop withdrawal?

"It does. Yes, it does. This is one of things actually. The freest media in the world I think is in Iraq. Honestly. There is no censorship or restrictions or restraint whatsoever. Now you have about 15 or 16 satellite channels run by Iraqis and I don't know how many hundreds of newspapers." So "people have become more politically conscious and aware. . . . Nobody is for a withdrawal, even a timetable, for the troops."

And as John Hinderaker points out, even the timetable of the Sunni insurgent groups for a U.S. withdrawal isn't as aggressive as the one proposed by John Kerry and the Democrats.

Posted by dan at June 29, 2006 9:46 AM