June 26, 2006


A Chinese farmer is beaten until he is paralyzed because he objected to the price he was offered for his land by the government, who appropriated his property for a dam. Spiegel Online reports on the often brutal crackdown on dissidents of all sorts in today's China. It's not like Fu Xiancai is a dangerous radical or anything. He just made the mistake of publicizing his complaint:

Fu traveled to Beijing 15 times to complain. Despite having had only three years of formal education, he wrote 50 written complaints to local authorities, but all were denied. After his efforts failed, on May 19, he voiced his opinion on the €20 billion dam in a story produced by German public television broadcaster ARD. That was when his troubles began.

But the economy is really growing.

UPDATE 6/27: More from OpinionJournal today on the price one pays for speaking out in China.

Posted by dan at June 26, 2006 9:45 PM