May 26, 2006

Iraq, Russia, Syria and WMD

Jamie Glazov talks to three experts in a Frontpage Magazine forum on Iraqi WMD. At issue is the testimony of former Saddam regional commander Gen. Al-Tikriti, who confirms that Russia helped Iraq transfer the Iraqi WMD out of the country in the weeks and months immediately preceeding the 2003 invasion by the U.S.-led coalition.

He joins former Romanian foreign intelligence deputy Ion Pacepa and Iraqi Air Force officer Georges Sada, among others in making these claims. There is some consensus among the three analysts that the Bush administration and the State Dept. are so desperate to have Russian support for the sanctions against Iran that they are unwilling to confront or even criticize Russia for their duplicity in the matter of Iraqi WMD.

Back in November, 2005, I compiled a summary of the evidence for Iraqi WMD, the threat they posed to us and to others, and the findings of the investigations that confirmed that threat.

The other day the WSJ contributed to the overall cause by blowing away some of the left's favorite Iraq war myths.


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