September 30, 2003

Flip A Coin

An interesting thesis by Jay Bryant:

The Democrats are, and have been for at least the past fifty years, a party with two wings: the liberal wing and the corrupt wing...

...Today, Howard Dean represents the liberal wing and Wesley Clark has been thrust into the role of front man for the corrupt wing. Last night in New York, they had their first encounter, and both showed why they are worthy of their roles in the drama, Dean waxed eloquent on liberal mantra issues like social security and Medicare, while Clark demonstrated a deft ability to ignore logical consistency and charge forward.

For Dean, the issues matter. He is running for President because he wants to turn the country leftward, with all that means for foreign and domestic policy.

For Clark, issues are tactics to be manipulated in order to win votes. He is running for President so he can wield power, live in the White House and lord it over a gaggle of sycophants even larger than those which attend a general officer in the United States Army.

Posted by dan at September 30, 2003 9:10 PM