September 30, 2003

Dad, Where's My Car?

My immediate family has learned that I'm not always the nicest guy in the world to be around while the Buckeyes are playing football on Saturday afternoons, and it's sometimes better just to find somewhere else to be than our family room for those three hours. I don't like the way I can change from the harmless puppy dog to the snarling Doberman, just because we're down a touchdown in the third quarter. But it's me, and we've all just kind of become resigned to that little reality.

But I read this story today, and I feel all kinds of better about myself:

PINSON, Ala. -- A Pinson man was charged with attempted murder for holding a gun to his son's head and pulling the trigger in the midst of a tantrum after Alabama's double overtime loss to Arkansas Saturday.

The bullet narrowly missed 20-year-old Seth Logan, who said he picked the wrong time to ask his dad for a car, sheriff's spokesman Deputy Randy Christian said Monday.

I guess.

Posted by dan at September 30, 2003 7:41 PM