April 11, 2003

Go Ahead Now, Say It

Being on the Left means never having to say "I was wrong". A few web sites made the initial efforts on Thursday to begin to hold various leftists accountable for some of the hysterical, uninformed, pessimistic, or just downright stupid things they have said about the war in the last few weeks or months. NRO took a crack at it, for example, but Andrew Sullivan had what I considered to be the best such listing so far, (scroll down till you see both sets of Von Hoffman Awards). But it's still so early to be giving out "best of" awards. These quagmire quotes should be surfacing without letup for the next few weeks.

UPDATE: See, that didn't take long. NRO's Rich Lowry, in his syndicated column, has another nice summary of statements that the originators will probably not own up to.

UPDATE II: Now Michelle Malkin and Mona Charen weigh in, and Jonah naturally wants to get his two cents in.

Posted by dan at April 11, 2003 1:48 AM