April 11, 2003

Doubleday Spinning in His Grave

This can't be how it was supposed to be. Why do they even schedule baseball games north of the Mason-Dixon Line and east of California before the middle of April? I've been to two Indians games now in the last three days, and the sum of the temperatures for the two games, (while it almost equals Josh Bard's batting average) is still looking up at 75.

It sure seems like the only people more displeased with the conditions than the fans are the players. I'm sure they don't like wearing those stupid looking pullover neck-face-head-warmers. How cool is that? A friend of mine from our ticket group steadfastly refuses to attend any game before June 1, because he insists that his beer must get warmer when he lets it sit for 10 minutes, or it's too cold for baseball. While not a big beer drinker, as of tonight I'm starting to see the good sense in this stance. It doesn't help when the good guys lose, and lose.

As soon as I thaw out, I'm sure I'll feel better about the whole thing. Oh, the team? The starting pitching has a chance to be pretty good, and I still think these young guys will hit. The bullpen scares me, but this team is going to be fun to watch. Besides, it's still April. What Tribe fan gets discouraged in April? I'm hoping to do some more detailed triblogging soon.

Posted by dan at April 11, 2003 12:08 AM