March 18, 2003

What Will Saddam Do?

It looks as though Saddam will be quite willing to create a human catastrophe among his own citizens as part of his tactics in the coming conflict, as Amir Taheri details at NRO. An excerpt:

The third goal of the plan is to maximize civilian casualties in the hope of shocking world public opinion, especially in the United States, into even stiffer opposition to the war. This is why Saddam has positioned almost all of his best assets in densely populated areas. Antiaircraft guns, heavy artillery pieces, and tanks are stationed inside cities, including in mosque, hospital courtyards, and school playgrounds.

Saddam's address to his commanders Sunday included this ominous phrase: "We shall see how many Iraqis the aggressors are prepared to kill."

Posted by dan at March 18, 2003 11:29 AM