February 29, 2004

Anti-Semitism at the U.N.

Ann Bayefsky, writing in Commentary Magazine, documents the ongoing, systemic scourge of the United Nations. Until the organization deals with its institutionalized Jew-hatred, it will have no moral authority on any issue, IMO. Here's a brief excerpt from Bayefsky:

Israel's policies are, of course, fair game for legitimate criticism. But the UN's outrage is grossly selective, especially when one considers the record of any number of other member nations. In 2003, the General Assembly passed eighteen resolutions that singled out Israel for criticism; human-rights situations in the rest of the world drew only four country-specific resolutions. Nor, despite serious and well-documented charges of abuse reported to the UN over the years from, among others, the organization´┐Żs own special rapporteurs, has any resolution of the UN Commission on Human Rights ever been directed at China, Syria, Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Pakistan, Malaysia, Mali, or Zimbabwe. (emphasis mine - DW)

A nation in which hundreds of thousands of Arab citizens have the rights to vote, to be represented in government, to work and to worship freely is singled out for human rights censure over Arab countries, among others, where no such freedoms exist for the majority populations. The reason for the double standard is bigotry. There's just no way to pretend it's something else.

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