February 1, 2015

Looking Back at '14

What was originally conceived as a personal Top Ten articles of 2014 post morphed into something considerably less exclusive than that. What results is just a sampling of the links I saved during the year after a review of my archive at delicious.com, loosely organized into categories where possible. 


Media - Had I actually limited this to ten articles, both of these important pieces by Matti Friedman on media treatment of Israel and the Palestinian issue would have made the list. The first at Tablet, the second at The Atlantic, both are worth your time, even if you go no further. 

An Insider's Guide to the Most Important Story on Earth

What the Media Gets Wrong About Israel

Israel-Palestine - 

Krauthammer - The Truth About Gaza -

Bernard-Henri Levy - Today's Anti-Semitism is a Ticking Time Bomb

Video - The Forgotten Refugees


History - 

Jonah Goldberg - Days of Future Past - 

David Harsanyi - Democrats: History is on Our Side  History: Good Luck With That

Misc. - 

Heather Mac Donald - The Microaggression Farce - 

New York Review of Books - The Dying Russians - 

Michael Totten - The Last Communist City - 

The Tower - The Deep UN;Inside the Secret Infrastructure of Hate - 

The Bell Curve", 20 Years Later - A Q&A with Charles Murray - 

Kay Hymowitz - What's Happening to Men? 

Ron Radosh - How David Greenglass Helped Break Up a Soviet Spy Ring that Was Planning New Perfidy 

Lee Habeeb- Remembering Louis Zamperini 



Brookings - Larry Summers Argues the Case for Lifting the Oil Export Ban

Arthur L. Herman - America's New Oil Weapon - 


Climate - 

Steven Hayward - Climate Change Has Jumped the Shark - 

Bjorn Lomborg - Climate Change is a Problem, But Our Attempts to Fix it Could be Worse than Ueless

Climate Depot - Politically Left Scientist Dissents - 

John Fund - The Crumbling Climate Change Consensus - 


Kevin Williamson - Yes, Williamson gets a category of his own, because the list below could have been twice as long, with more to spare...

Clash of the Progressive Pieties - 

They Are Coming For Your Schoolchildren - 

Desegregation Before Brown - 

The Profit Police - 

Black Lives Matter - 


Obama Administration

Krauthammer - Who Lost Iraq?

VDH - The Moral Failures of Eric Holder - 

Krauthammer - The Vacant Presidency - 

Stephen Hayes - Benghazi Lies - 


Islam and ISIS - 

Jonah Goldberg -Is the Islamic State Really 'Not Islamic'? - 

Andrew C. McCarthy- It's Not A Misnomer - 


Rape - 

The Atlantic - Rape Culture in the Alaskan Wilderness - 

NY Times - 1400 Children in Rotherham, England Were Sexually Abused, Report Says -


Obamacare - 

Avik Roy - Transcending Obamacare - 

Williamson - Reforming the Reform - 



Yuval Levin - The Right, The Left and Reform Conservatism - 


Jameis Winston and Florida State - A particularly appalling episode of 2014 (which really dates to 2012) was the treatment of Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston and the credible charge of rape against him. With the whole country increasingly attuned to the problem of rape and sexual assault, and the focus, rightly or wrongly, on our college campuses, the reigning Heisman Trophy winner was essentially given a pass, with the shameful complicity of the Tallahassee Police Department and the Florida State University administration. 

Dan Wetzel - Ugly treatment of Jameis Winston's acuser serves to only encourage future victims - 

New York Times - A Star Player Accused, and a Flawed Rape Investigation - 

Fox Sports - Documents: Police, FSU Hampered Jameis Winston Investigation - 

New York Times - At Florida State, Football Clouds Justice 

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