March 15, 2010

Self-Execution on Health Care

Byron York has an explanation of the "self-executing" House rules sleight of hand the Democrats are planning to use to pass the Senate health care bill, a transparently cynical way to try to avoid the accountability of voting on the measure as required by the Constitution. Such is the hole they have dug for themselves with their support of a health care bill opposed by a broad bipartisan majority of Americans, and the corrupt deal-making process they have used to get this far. UPDATE: Even the Washington Post thinks it's unseemly.

Their desperation to socialize American medicine is palpable. Their contempt for the will of the people of America is astonishing. The tactics they are using to bully people like Bart Stupak are despicable.

Stupack says that, in addition to other intimidation tactics, Democrats are threatening to file ethics complaints against him. This is the preferred harassment technique for modern day leftists. They used it on Newt Gingrich when he was the Speaker. They used it on Sarah Palin to run her legal bills into seven figures and prompt her to resign her office. It doesn't help the accused that the charges are baseless. They are expensive and troublesome to defend against, and there is no limit to the number of them that can be brought.

The Left continues to prove that absolutely nothing is beneath them in the pursuit of the destruction of their political opponents and the expansion of state power.

Here's the plan, for what Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) calls "their do or die moment"

Ryan says that, come Monday, Democrats “will bring a shell piece of reconciliation legislation” to the budget committee. “The reconciliation process has to begin there,” he says. “Here’s what they’ll do: They will take the House health-care bill and mark it up so that it can become a reconciliation vehicle. Republicans will make runs at this via motions to instruct, but since we’re outnumbered, their package will get through the committee. Then they’ll send that shell of a bill to the House Rules Committee. The rules committee will then gut the budget committee’s reconciliation bill and drop in all of the deals that Speaker Pelosi arranges with members who vote for the Senate health-care bill in the House.” Those deals, he adds, “will be hard to scrutinize, and we may never know their full extent, since many of them will be orchestrated outside of health-care legislation.”

Obstacles remain to passing this monstrosity....public opinion and citizen activism still mean something after all. But given enough time to corrupt a few more members of the House, they may still get their Rose Garden signing ceremony...if they have the nerve to convene one.

The President continues to distort and lie without compunction, shamelessly cooking the numbers to put a Potemkin front on the legislation. He flew to Cleveland today in order to prop up and exploit a pre-selected victim of the supposed cruelties of the existing health care system. The sob story quickly unraveled, but the photo-op had served its propaganda purpose.

In their unguarded moments, even the Democrats concede that the bill will increase premiums, raise taxes, kill jobs, and fail to control health care costs. Indeed the only remaining justifications for passage are that the President desperately needs a political victory, and that for Democrats, their 2010 electoral prospects can hardly get worse.

I'm sympathetic to the idea that an impotent President, especially one just one year into his term, is not a good thing for the country. Perhaps Obama should have considered that before outsourcing the health care and stimulus bills to the far-left wing of his party in Congress, with no more than a head fake toward bipartisanship.

In recent days, Obama has returned to bashing the greedy, heartless insurance companies in his campaign-style speeches. These would presumably be the same insurance companies he has crawled into bed with by mandating under the bill that all Americans buy their products under threat of fines and/or imprisonment. He never seems to run out of ways to insult the intelligence of the American people.

There's still time to call or email your Congressman....or someone else's.


Good article by Shikha Dalmia at Forbes...although I don't like the "wrong time" formulation...implying as it does that there might be a good time for a government takeover like this one.

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UPDATE 3/16: Hypocrisy...thy name is Pelosi. When the "self-executing" rule was used by Republicans in 2005 to pass a routine budget measure...the use for which it was designed...Pelosi, Waxman and Slaughter backed the ACLU in going to court to contest its constitutionality. Andy McCarthy explains the rules, and the precedents

Newspaper editorial boards, including the reliably left-wing Akron Beacon-Journal and Seattle Times, turn on Obamacare

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