March 1, 2010

Fat (Grey) Lady Singing

First the New York Times calls for Rangel's removal as Ways and Means Committee Chairman. Now Peter Beinart weighs in with "the photo that could doom the Democrats".

The plodding ethics investigation in the House hasn't even progressed yet to the tax evasion and campaign donation charges against the man who formulates tax policy for all U.S. citizens, and the Times is leading the charge to stop the bleeding. From the center-left, Beinart says Rangel's infractions are "petty, compared to the vast, legalized corruption" of the campaign finance system. But that's kind of beside the point.

What most citizens will be looking at as they become more aware of the ethics charges against Rangel is how his treatment compares to the way they would be treated by the law (or by their employers) in a similar circumstance...(i.e. failure to pay taxes on income from rental property). It would be an understatement to say that Americans' patience with tax cheats in the government is wearing thin.

The Democrats have been able to rid themselves of the downward pull of two of their Big Three corruption-compromised congressmen, with Dodd retiring and Murtha dead. Ironically, that makes Rangel all the more conspicuous. Beinart thinks the Democrats should act, ("since Pelosi won't nudge Rangel, it's time for Obama to nudge Pelosi") before the political damage gets any worse.

I suppose we can wait another week before getting back to the "Holder Must Go" campaign.

Posted by dan at March 1, 2010 4:30 PM