February 17, 2010

At Least We're Not Simulating Drowning

When intelligence operatives present the White House with options to either capture or kill (via Predator drones) key terrorist targets, the administration has increasingly just opted to avoid troublesome prosecution decisions, and instead kill them where they sit.

Of course our military did a fair amount of this under Bush's leadership, and it's a viable way to remove dangerous terrorists with minimal risk to precious soldiers' lives. I've got no real problem with it as a war-fighting strategy. The down side is that terrorists can't provide any intelligence when you're scooping them up in pieces for the DNA confirmation.

My problem is with a commander-in-chief who orders these executions while at the same time preening about having ended "torture", and lamenting how under his predecessor, we "lost our way", because we occasionally captured combatants and poured water on their faces instead of simply incinerating them in their cars or living rooms along with whatever innocents happened to be around. It's not his conduct of the campaign...it's the self-righteous posturing that's unseemly...especially while he's continuing many of the Bush-era anti-terror policies he railed against as a candidate.

Posted by dan at February 17, 2010 11:49 PM