November 5, 2009

Iran Shipping Arms To Syria....Again

At Contentions, Noah Pollak reporting on The New Karine A

Israeli Navy commandos seized a cargo ship last night en route from Iran to Syria. It contained 10 times the arms that the Karine A attempted to deliver from Iran to the Palestinians in 2002, enough weapons, according to the head of the Israeli Navy, to keep Hezbollah supplied in a hot war for a month. Along with 3,000 rockets, the ship contained:

107-millimeter rockets, 60-millimeter mortars, 7.62-rifle Kalashnikov-ammunition, F-1 grenades and 122-millimeter Katyusha rockets. On the side of some of the cases inside the containers the words “parts of bulldozers” was written.


What will Obama say about all this? Being that evidence of Iranian-Syrian hostile intent complicates the administration’s desire for “engagement,” whatever that means anymore, the answer is: probably nothing.

What will the human-rights hustlers say? Where is Judge Goldstone? Where is the flurry of outraged press releases from Human Rights Watch? These weapons are intended for one purpose only — to terrorize Israeli civilians and drag the region into war. Shouldn’t this be an easy call for peace-loving human-rights activists? HRW has condemned Israel for violating international law over the way it funds public schools. I would bet a large sum that HRW will say nothing about the 500 tons of arms Iran just tried to send to Hezbollah. Priorities, you see.

And where is the UN Security Council? The arms ship violates numerous UNSC resolutions banning Iran from exporting weapons and forbidding the arming of Hezbollah. Don’t expect any leadership from the Obama administration on this score, either; to make a big deal out of Iranian bad faith would be tantamount to admitting that the engagement policy is the stuff of fantasy.

There's more, so go read it all, and watch the video that makes a mockery of Syria's denials.

So...the Iranian theocracy is brutally suppressing the democratic reform movement at home, gunning their own people down in the streets....manufacturing and supplying the IED's killing U.S. and other soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq....funding and arming proxy armies Hezbollah and Hamas, who remain in a perpetual state of war on Israel, all the while mocking and berating the United States and the Obama administration.

The UN is beyond impotent. And our strategy is to talk....and to pretend that it's a new approach to the problem....and to pretend they haven't been killing Americans for the past 30 years.

The President's statement yesterday is more of the extended hand approach, recognizing the "Iranian people" for a change, as distinct from the ruling elite, but it still characterizes the 30-year war the regime has conducted against the United States and the West since the hostage crisis as our mutual "path of sustained suspicion, mistrust, and confrontation", one he hopes to remedy by establishing "a relationship with the Islamic Republic of Iran based upon mutual interests and mutual respect."

Realism ain't what it used to be.

UPDATE 11/5: More on how the Iranian arms were routed....through an Egyptian port.

Posted by dan at November 5, 2009 12:12 AM