September 6, 2009

Van Under The Bus

Now that he has resigned, the New York Times and others are forced to report that there has been a "controversy" about Van Jones. The Times says it has been "slowly escalating", and in fact it just "erupted" Friday. That's probably why they haven't gotten around to covering it.

UPDATE: Linkfest at Ed Driscoll

More at Ed's, including Jimmie Bise's three things.

And if Trutherism and Free Mumiaism had not been enough, I'm thinking the words of Jones monologue on the CD he recorded with Mumia might have been troublsome for him... as reported via PowerLine...say, like this for example...

We see violence against poor people, and poor people of color, within the US border, at the US border, and beyond the US border. And you see US tax dollars funding all of it. And so we have now a global struggle against the US-led security apparatus and military agenda that impacts people here and impacts people around the world...

You'd think that kind of thinking might have been problematic for a President of the United States, who, you know, controls the security apparatus on which Van Jones has declared global war. Even more troublesome is the sense that Jones and the President are of one mind on the issue.....and then that Jones' position renders him unfit for service in the White House.

...semi-regretting the unoriginal post title, which I selected before I saw how ubiquitous it is in the right blogosphere...too good I guess.

UPDATE: Andrew Breitbart

David Horowitz' blog post in full...

Lessons of the Van Jones Affair: Democrats Are Comfortable With Communists, Racists and Anti-Semites

There is no more mystery about Van Jones. He was a passionate defender of cop-killer Mumia Abu Jamal, a self-satisfied and described "Communist," a supporter of the destruction of the Jewish state, and a promoter of the theory that the Katrina tragedy was a white racist plot, and so forth. That's okay with Democratic chairman Howard Dean, and Obama's Environmental Quality Council head Nancy Sutley. (See Ron Radosh's current blog for chapter and verse, and also the many blogs on Jones at our own This should surprise no one. The recent heads of the black caucus in the House -- part of the 120 member "progressive caucus" -- have all been Castro-loving racists -- Maxine Waters and Barbara Lee to name two off the top of my head. Diane Watson is probably next. The Democratic Party today is a "popular front" organization (to pluck an appropriate term from the 1930s when liberals and Stalinists lined up together as well). There are no scoundrels, America haters, racists -- that Democrats won't assimilate. One of the more obnoxious racists and crooks in public life -- Charlie Rangel -- is still chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee because Nancy Pelosi can't remove him, so strong is his support in her party.

And if you don't believe how far left the Democrats have lurched when I say it, here's authentication from Alan Colmes who, after ignoring all the evidence about who Van Jones actually is and what he believes, and pretending that it's all a Glenn Beck-World Net Daily-Horowitz plot, concludes "Van Jones is a mainstream liberal." That's exactly right Alan. And that's exactly the problem.

How did things get to this pass? Let me just single out one problem, because it's the one conservatives can actually affect. And that is to start calling things by their right names. The timidity and cowardice of Republicans towards Democratic Party outrages of this nature is a principal culprit. When you call Communists "liberals," it legitimizes them. The time has come to stop it. To stop the charade, stick your head out the window and say "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore."

Posted by dan at September 6, 2009 12:47 PM