July 13, 2009

Citizens Against Racism

Andrew Breitbart says that when a Philadelphia swim club denied access to a group of young minority students, "Facebook and Twitter, powerful social media tools, worked so quickly that Mr. Sharpton and Mr Jackson didn't have time to book their flights to Pennsylvania." More from Breitbart...

Whenever legitimate acts of bigotry occur, they should be exposed to the light of day. The media and the legal system - fueled by public outrage - can do the rest. In this case, substantial national and even international news coverage of the Valley Club incident is beginning the process of making the campers whole.

Racism is so unwelcome in America these days, government is no longer the most effective mechanism to thwart it. The common sense of good-hearted citizens is enough to shame culprits to relent. Modern institutions have filled the void where organizations like the NAACP have become more and more irrelevant - and hopelessly partisan - in confronting bigotry.

Posted by dan at July 13, 2009 9:30 AM