May 25, 2009

About That Meeting....

In light of Ahmadinejad taking Obama up on the offer of a personal meeting, it's worth revisiting this video from a 2008 Democratic campaign debate...

It won't happen, and it shouldn't....least of all in the U.N. General Assembly, where the Iranian would be right in his America-hating element. And Ahmadinejad has preemptively ruled out any progress on the issues we care about anyway. Obama has sensibly and responsibly walked back many of his unserious campaign positions on national security matters. His far-left supporters are furious, and I read most conservatives as relieved, if not in full gloat over it. Some representative samples here, here, and here.

Here's VDH

I think we now have come to the end to the five-year left-wing attack theme of Bush "shredding the Constitution."

Except for the introduction of euphemisms and a few new ballyhooed but largely meaningless protocols, there is no longer a Bush-did-it argument. The Patriot Act, wiretaps, e-mail intercepts, military tribunals, Predator drone attacks, Iraq, Afghanistan — and now Guantánamo — are officially no longer part of the demonic Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld nexus, but apparently collective legitimate anti-terrorism measures designed to thwart killers, and by agreement, after years of observance, of great utility in keeping us safe the last eight years.

Add in the Holder statements about Guantánamo in the 2002 interview, the Pelosi/Rockefeller/et al. waterboarding briefings, the need to consider torture in past statements by senators such as Schumer, and I think historians will now look back at these "dark years" as largely a collective, bipartisan effort.

All of which leaves us a final musing: If so, what was the hysteria of 2001-2008 about other than simple politics.

Which was my point in starting this post....regardless of what you think of Obama essentially making Bush counter-terrorism policies his own, can we dispense with the notion that he's a "different kind of politician"?

Posted by dan at May 25, 2009 3:58 PM