January 26, 2009

180 Degrees of Change

Taranto on "Pliability Journalism" is a must.

During the Bush years, the AP introduced a new reportorial idiom called "accountability journalism," whose goal is "to report whether government officials are doing the job for which they were elected and keeping the promises they make." Turns out they weren't.

But the AP's new idiom, which we hereby name "pliability journalism," aims to show that everything is completely different from the bad old days of a week ago and before.

UPDATE 1/27: Peter Kirsanow muses:

So . . . we're going to have a tax cheat in charge of the IRS, a man instrumental in the pardoning of terrorists as top terrorism watchdog, and a woman whose husband gets tens of millions from foreign governments in charge of implementing foreign policy. Press reaction: Move along . . . nothing to see here.
Posted by dan at January 26, 2009 9:23 PM