September 29, 2008

Questions For Obama

Peter Kirsanow has some suggestions for people who get to question Barack Obama on October 7.

1. Sen. Obama, you dismissed your association with William Ayers by stating that his actions, while "despicable", occurred when you were just eight years old. Ayers was still a fugitive when another terrorist bomber, Ted Kaczynski (the "Unabomber") began his bombing campaign (btw — Senator, you were 20 at the time). Would you have had any reservations working with Kaczynski? Would you have had any reservations launching your political career from Kaczynski's home (prior to his apprehension)? What about from the home of abortion clinic bomber Eric Rudolf? If so, please explain your criteria for working with some terrorists but not others.

2. Did you and Ayers ever discuss his participation in the bombing of the Pentagon? If so, when? How did you respond? Did you continue working with him afterward? Why? Did this discussion occur before or after he hosted your political coming-out party?

3. Did Ayers ever tell you how you were chosen to chair the Chicago Annenberg Challenge ("CAC"), given that at the time there were thousands of more experienced lawyers in Chicago?

4. Did you ever tell Ayers that his actions were "despicable"? If so, did you do so at the time you interviewed to chair the CAC or later? If not, why not?

5. As president, would you appoint any member to your cabinet who had worked with terrorists? Would you appoint any individual whose political career had been launched at the home of a terrorist? If not why not? If you consider an association with terrorists to be a disqualifier for, say, the position of attorney general or national security advisor, why shouldn't it be a disqualifier for president?

A few more at the link.

UPDATE 9/30: Stanley Kurtz in the NY Post

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