September 15, 2008

That Was Then...

Ace has posted a new YouTube message, containing footage of Barack Obama taken during his campaign for the U.S. Senate, in which he touts his time as Chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge as a qualification for elected office. Today, any mention of the Annenberg Challenge is likely to get the Obamabots out in full force to attempt to silence the discussion and punish its instigators.

The topic of Obama's political...uh, sorry...philanthropic track record from the years 1995 through 2001, and the matter of his close working relationship with the terrorist Bill Ayers throughout those years, have so far failed to arouse the interest of the major media. (As Tom Maguire quips earlier today, "We know the Times will want to probe this after they resolve open issues about Ms. Palin's 4-H dues from 1971.")

One can hardly blame Obama for wishing he could now downplay his relationship with Ayers, ("Why is McCain talking about the Sixties?") But if the work of the CAC was a qualification for U.S. Senate, it surely is relevant today. It also appears to be a major segment of Obama's much-lauded "community organizing" career, and an example (the only one?) of his judgment and effectiveness in allocating large sums of money to address social problems. Could that in some way be relevant to the presidency?....especially given BHO's proposed laundry list of social engineering projects?

The three big reasons the Obama campaign wants no discussion of the Annenberg Challenge: It ties him to Ayers in a recent (1995-2001) and close business relationship, and puts the lie to his prior characterization of his relationship with Ayers as just "a guy who lives in my neighborhood". It would reveal that the CAC project was a failure, according to their own internal evaluators. And it has the potential to tie Obama even more closely to far-left groups including ACORN, which has a track record of engaging in voter fraud.

Those of us eager to learn more are awaiting the report from Dr. Stanley Kurtz, who has been reviewing the public records of the CAC for a couple of weeks now.

Posted by dan at September 15, 2008 11:37 PM