August 12, 2008

A Life of it's Own

Over five years ago, when this blog was just a few months old, I posted a brief item about a collision our car had with a dog. I titled it "A Dog Hit My Car" because not only did my car just happen to be in the determined dog's path, but he came out of the collision better than my Toyota did.

Most blog posts, especially relatively trivial, five-year old ones on little blogs like this one, end up right where they belong...buried in archive files, never to be seen again. It took almost three years for this post to elicit a single comment, but then every few months thereafter I'd hear from people, almost always with sad stories to tell about their dogs (or their cars) having had similar collisions, sometimes deadly ones for their pets.

After a couple of years, and a few dozen comments (a lot around here, clearly) and with the blog analytics giving me the keywords, it didn't take long. Five years on, that post is the No. 1 hit on Google for the search phrase "dog hit by car". Talk about your dubious distinction. Then there's the sad reality that the people arriving at your site are usually in distress of one kind or another.

Strange, the things that last. I'm glad that my comments section gave a few people a place to air their grief or anger or guilt with others who have felt the same. Still it's bizarre what gets you to the top of Google page know, on searches people actually do.

Posted by dan at August 12, 2008 10:42 PM