July 16, 2008

How Dare They?

European friends of the FARC are angry. How dare Colombia join the ranks of Britain, Israel, and the United States by refusing to negotiate with terrorists? How dare Colombia disprove the European mantra that all conflicts be resolved through diplomacy? How dare Colombia upstage post-heroic Europeans who, having lost the will to fight, believe anything can be bought for money?

Read Soeren Kern at PJM, on the way the European media has promoted conspiracy theories that the Colombian rescue of hostages from FARC terrorists was in fact the result of negotiated ransom payments to the terrorists. As far as I can tell from Kern's article, they are clinging to these theories in the absence of any actual evidence or named sources.

I guess it allows them to avoid admitting that the FARC thugs whose cause they champion were shown to be laughably gullible and stupid. What is especially rich is that they presume to include the practice of making large cash payments to kidnappers and murderers under the respectable rubric of "diplomacy".

Posted by dan at July 16, 2008 11:59 PM