July 1, 2008

Chris Wells Video

Let the Heisman Hype begin.

Everything you see above Wells accomplished before the end of his sophomore year!

Q: Is there any way that Chris Wells is not the first player taken in the 2009 NFL Draft?

A: Only if he decides to return for his senior year...you know, to win his second Heisman.

Honestly, the only other back I can compare him to, possessing the combination of size, speed, agility and power is Bo Jackson. (I didn't see Jim Brown play in college.) Wells is 240 pounds, and runs a 4.4. That's sick!


Buckeye fans may also want to check out Mike Furlan's series on the 10 Greatest Buckeyes of All Time, which is on its second go 'round at The Cleveland Fan. We're down to #4, with the others conveniently linked.

UPDATE 7/2: Also at TCF, the first in a series of articles on the 2008 Buckeyes by yours truly, this one on the offensive line personnel.

Posted by dan at July 1, 2008 10:57 PM