March 31, 2008

Opener Win...But


They're off.

But so was C.C. He served up two bombs to Jim Thome but survived, and left with the lead, settling for a no-decision. Then closer Joe Borowski reminded us what the ninth inning will be like again this year, giving up a home run and bringing the tying run to the plate after being staked to a three-run lead. Save No. 1.

Casey Blake had the last-at-bat heroics this time, but celebrations are on hold, because the win won't be worth a thing if it has cost this team their best hitter and emotional leader.

Victor Martinez, who may just be the slowest man in the American League, decided to take second base on a pitch that got about three feet past the catcher, and then collapsed and tumbled into second with a hamstring strain of some sort that had Indians fans gasping and fearing the worst. This after driving in the last run of a seven run rally. They say it's day to day. Losing Victor for a significant period of time would be a brutal opening day hit on the Indians. Be well, Victor.

UPDATE: This looks like more than "tightness in the hamstring", which was the statement during the game.

Posted by dan at March 31, 2008 6:46 PM