March 5, 2008

Ohio and NAFTA

The Clinton-Obama anti-NAFTA contest in Ohio has effectively ended in a draw, with both candidates coming under criticism, from the right and from the left, for not getting it right.

How is Texas manufacturing thriving under NAFTA while Ohio's isn't? It's the business climate created by state and local politicians. Texas vs. Ohio - Wall Street Journal

Fred Barnes has more on Ohio's sagging job picture. Can you say "right to work"? - Buckeye Blues

When the San Francisco Chronicle tells you your anti-NAFTA message is incoherent, the game is up.

And as the story of a misleading campaign message morphed into the story of the Obama campaign's duplicity in communicating that message, Byron York was on the case: Is Obama Lying About NAFTAGate?

Posted by dan at March 5, 2008 12:11 AM