March 2, 2008

FISA Deal?

The House majority leadership is apparently realizing that strong bi-partisan majorities in both houses of Congress in favor of the Senate version of the FISA bill leave them little choice but to pass the legislation, with retroactive immunity for telecom companies intact. A report from Congress Daily, as reported by Redstate and Hot Air, says they are working on a deal that would have Democrats pass the legislation in two parts, allowing some of them to go on record against the immunity.

Immunity opponents like to paint it as a sellout to (telecom) corporate interests, (and to the extent that they can avoid being bankrupted by lawsuits, those firms are 'interested') but it's worth remembering that the telecom companies did not directly benefit financially from their national security cooperation with the government. On the other hand, I assume trial lawyers would be working at their standard rate in the billions of dollars worth of lawsuits that would result from striking the immunity. That would mean a lot of dough for political contributions flowing from trial lawyers organizations to the Democrats who made it happen for them. Who are the sellouts and who are the profiteers?

Posted by dan at March 2, 2008 5:26 PM