March 2, 2008

Browns Moves

Like Vinny says, Phil Savage likes working without a net. But in a frenetic three days it appears he has significantly strengthened the Browns. Already working without a first round choice in the coming draft, he decided to opt for young veterans Corey Williams and Shaun Rogers instead of picks in the second and third rounds this year. Because he was convinced that the draft didn't have defensive linemen that could help us in 2008 given the picks we had, he acted decisively to shore up his biggest area of need.

Besides, just considering the latest incarnation of this team, second and third round picks have been spent on players like Quincy Morgan, Travis Prentice, Travis Wilson, Chris Crocker, Jajuan Dawson, Charlie Frye, and Melvin Fowler, to name a few. In other words, Browns fans are used to seeing those picks squandered, though not all by Savage. So even if the two big tackles have issues, they have at least made it in the NFL as contributors. I applaud Savage's guts, I think most fans will be, as the man said, behind him win or tie.

I like the pickup of Dante Stallworth too, speaking of players with issues. The Browns are making a long term commitment to a guy who will be on his fourth team in four years, but his talent is unmistakable and the team has needed a strong complement to Braylon Edwards. I had not been previously aware though, that Stallworth has an "alter-ego" named Nicco who accompanies him on the field, and then spends off-hours extra-terrestrially, on Mars. Whatever it takes, man. Because after Edwards, the Browns have had no one in the wide receiver corps who even made opposing defensive coordinators nervous. Plus I hear Nicco has a great head fake, and gives new meaning to the term "blind-side block."

Posted by dan at March 2, 2008 1:41 PM