December 19, 2007

Help Wanted: Prefer No Liars Or Old People

Yes, TNR really is advertising for young journalists "with some experience fact-checking and a passion for political journalism."

I think they accidentally left off the 'LOL' at the end.

The last guy had the passion, (boy did he have the passion) but they had his wife do the fact-checking. That ended badly. Now I guess it's all one job. Cutbacks, maybe.

By the way, note the explicit discrimination in what is clearly employment advertising by The New Republic. Use of the word 'young' to describe the preferred candidate(s) is at best problematic, as the lawyers like to say, in employment advertising. In my experience as a recruiting and staffing consultant to business, I have found age discrimination to be a more widespread and damaging practice in American companies than perhaps all the other illegal varieties of employment discrimination (race, sex, national origin, religion, etc.) combined. It's also difficult to prove. Unless of course you advertise the proof.

Has the magazine considered that hiring a forty-something or a fifty-something journalist might bring to the enterprise a better adjusted, and more mature and responsible employee than the one they chose to hire last time around?

I's about money. (Someone in the comments said the job pays about $300/week.) That's why most companies who practice age discrimination do it. Younger people are cheaper. That doesn't make it any less illegal to use age as a hiring criterion.

Posted by dan at December 19, 2007 1:14 AM