December 8, 2007

Fred's Move in Iowa

Peter Robinson's post at The Corner includes a link to an interview he conducted with Fred Thompson in June. The interview is worth watching if, like me, you haven't heard enough from or about Thompson yet to get a reading on him compared to the other candidates.

Robinson says he has been disappointed in the 'Fred' campaign so far, ("Torpor. Lassitude. Indifference.") but notes that Thompson is planning a late push in Iowa:

...Thompson now intends to climb aboard a great big bus, then spend every day but Christmas itself criss-crossing the great state of Iowa until the caucuses on January 3. With Romney stalled out and Huckabee under fire (a great deal of said fire originating right here on NRO), Fred has an opening—and, evidently, has chosen to seize it.

This is a big deal—or could be. Maybe—just maybe—Fred Thompson has finally realized that Ronald Reagan only made it look easy.

UPDATE 12/10: Here's Stephen Hayes' Standard story.

Posted by dan at December 8, 2007 3:48 PM