November 19, 2007

House Plants

It appears that at least six people selected by CNN to ask questions at the Democratic Party candidate debate the other night, and presented by CNN as merely "undecided voters.", were in fact Democratic Party operatives or activists. Jenny Bea was largely responsible for giving this story legs.

Undecided or not, CNN owes all voters an explanation for their failure to disclose the partisanship of the questioners. Not the fact that they're Democrats...who else would you expect to be there? But their close affiliations with the Party compromise the integrity of the debate, which purported to be picking ordinary democratic voters, while instead carefully pre-screening an elite group of participants, complete with prepared questions.

One of the undecided voters who happened to have a question and happened to get called upon, happened to be LaShannon Spencer, Political Director for the Democratic Party of Arkansas, in Little Rock. Not to worry, Hillary. Another was a staffer with Sen. Harry Reid's office. Just walked in off the street with a question.

On the outrage meter, this will reverberate somewhere well beneath accepting laundered $2000 donations from busboys in Chinatown, but it nicely demonstrates the insecurity Democrats feel about their "message", and their insistence on carefully scripting their every public utterance.

Party of the little guy. Speaking truth to power. Connecting with the ordinary voters.


Posted by dan at November 19, 2007 1:28 AM