November 7, 2007

Recommended 11/7

Thomas Joscelyn says al Qaeda ties to the Madrid 3/11 bombings are now coming into focus. UPDATE 11/14: Joscelyn interviewed at FPM on al Qaeda ties to 3/11

Christopher Hitchens asserts that in Iraq, as in Afghanistan, our presence is not the reason the Islamist terrorists are there.

An excellent piece by Stephen at Horsefeathers on writers, leftists and the utopian impulse.

A couple of recent arguments that the Law of the Sea Treaty is a dangerously bad idea: Joseph Klein at FrontPage on the security and counter-terrorism issues, and Iain Murray focusing on sovereignty concerns and the precedent of giving the U.N. their first ever international taxing powers. The Competitive Enterprise Institute has lots of LOST resources.

In the NYT, Gregory Mankiw crunches some of the numbers in the healthcare debate.

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