October 31, 2007


Must read stuff up top. There are some amazing political anecdotes in this Standard cover story by the inimitable Matt Labash - "Roger Stone - Political Animal". If you read nothing else here, do this one.

Andy McCarthy on waterboarding and the Mukasey confirmation.

At OpinionJournal, Pete Du Pont on the Rangel tax plan.

NYT - David Brooks - The Happiness Gap

FIRE documents the insanity that passes for a "residence life education program" at the University of Delaware. UPDATE 11/1: FIRE and blogs like Hot Air get results!

It's two weeks old, and got lost in my shuffle, but it's worth a look. Radley Balko on how an HRC administration would look a lot like the GWB administration. Tomorrow's Neocon Today

Posted by dan at October 31, 2007 10:17 PM