October 27, 2007

We Know It When We See It

The announcement that John Podhoretz will become the Editor at Commentary magazine in 2009, a position that was held by his father Norman Podhoretz for 35 years, had the New York Times fretting about the nepotism of it all. ("Others say...")

Pointing out the comical tone-deafness of a paper at which the positions of publisher and CEO were inherited by the incumbent "Pinch" Sulzberger from his father has been done ably by Ed Lasky and James Taranto. So I'll just observe that John Podhoretz is an accomplished journalist and author in his own right, and he is entering the job some 12 years after his father left it, rather unlike the birthright employment practices at the Times. Lasky also gets into the shady stock practices at the publicly-held Times Co. that allow the Sulzbergers to evade accountability to shareholders.

And Ace articulates as only he can the utter amazement many of us felt about the decision by the Times to jump into this particular ring to take a swipe at someone.

Posted by dan at October 27, 2007 12:39 AM